Cycling Express Strava Club Contest

2015-01-19 00:00:00

 The Contest:    

This weeks Cycling Express Strava club contest is a high speed winner takes all event. For those that prefer descending to ascending (I'm one of them), this contest is your chance to shine. Submit your highest ever riding speed - it doesn't have to be a ride you did this week, it can be from any ride you've done on Strava.

 The Prizes:    

The winner will get a $100 gift voucher and immortality in the hallowed halls of the Cycling Express Strava club winner alumni.    

However, if you don't win you'll still get a $20 Cycling Express gift voucher, so you win either way.    


 How To Enter:    

Simply send your Strava file to [email protected] or post it to the discussion section on the club page here:      

 Other Contests:    

Over at the Azzurri Strava Club there's a contest going on this week. Click here to check it out:        


  Store Specials:    

There's a 72 hour special on aero framed Italian          Kuota Kharma 11 speed Ultegra and 11 speed Ultegra Di2        models. With       40%      off both models they are incredibly good value:          KuotaKharma40%OFF        


  The Tour Down Under:      

The Tour Down Under has come to Adelaide Australia again this year and as many of you know, this will be Cadel Evans' last ever road race, and last ever stage race. Personally I'm really hoping that Cadel can go one place higher this year and win the race. For broadcasting info about the race stages see here:          TourDownUnder./coverage/tv-radio-coverage      


  Tour Down Under Special Promotion:           are also holding a Tour Down Under special. For Aussie readers only you can pick up an extra 10% discount on the already disocunted prices on a huge range of gear. Click here to see how much you can save:          TourDownUnderExtra10      


Have a great week guys and stay safe.    

All the best,    
     [email protected]