Cycling Express Strava Club High Speed Records

2015-02-09 00:00:00

The Cycling Express Strava high speed challenge was so close that only 0.8 km'h separated first from second!    

We had over 50 entries, here is a selection of some of those entries (including the mens and ladies winners).    


 Grant Pearson    

My Strava PB is 107.6km/h on the daily commute with backpack. Must've been a howling tailwind that day. This is on 'Before the bend' segment on the Gooseberry Hill road descent, a short steep descent with a sharp right hander to finish...touch the brakes and hang on...much puckering...

 Rob Fellows    

My Strava best is also on Gooseberry hill road. 84.6kph.

 Robert Berry    

Strava PB is 82.8 in Mt Evelyn,

 Ben Simpson    

82.4km/h down Conrod straight

68km/h on a mountain bike:

 Chris Simpson    

December 2013 Share the Road Tour in Tassie getting schooled by one of the best on how to descend, 84.6km/h - Mr Stephen Hodge

 Scott Glazier    

66.6kmph on a mountain bike with double Hans Damph's :-). I think it was the next run which I snapped the bottom linkage out of the bike. Mt Buller Dalatite river run is so much fun!

 Julian Thomson    

81km/h down mount alexander today!

 Paul N    

Heading down Mt Donna Buang - gps says I maxed at 88.6kph. Previous best was 70 odd heading down the Reefton Ridge.

 Gordo Brewster    

Best I've managed. 101.6km/hr on Mt. Ainslee in Canberra. You have to hit the top hairpin 'On the Rivet', pedaling thru-out. Hit about 80km/hr and tuck. Do I get extra points for doing it on a Compact Crankset?

 Magilla Frazer    

Sin of Pride. 103km/h on the dipper from Kinglake West into Whittlesea. The knack is to drive hard for the first third of the decent, slide off the seat for the second third, and finally time a high cadence kick into the dip on the last third of the decent.

 Travis Kirk    

83.9 without really pedalling as my ass was puckering too much (not the best kept road...)

 Travers Wood    

MAF Ride for Fuel Day 4 of 6 doing 1000km, Magic run down to Bellingen - 94.7km/h max

 Matthew Taylor    

Was a little scary with a hard left at the bottom to slow down for, but clocked 93.6km/h.

 James Beatty    

Speed Contest, clipped 89.3kmph before a tarago that dive bombed around me at the top forced me to slow through the fastest and best flowing part of the descent. Will try again soon, aiming for 100.

 Phillip Mercer    

For the speed competition here is the analysis from my descent down Mount Coot-that in Brisbane on the front side. I remember my Garmin saying 85-odd at the time but Strava came back with 83.2km/h maximum speed.

 Jesse Coyle    

The best I could find was 88.6 during a bunch ride in Noosa.

 Jeff Servaas    

I too love descending. Here is my highest speed: 80.3km/h down Harris Gully Rd in Warrandyte South.


Fastest recorded speed I have on Strava is 81.7kmph. Recorded in the Noosa Tri.

 James Tan    

Here's my entry for this week's blog comp. Managed a 93.6 kmh top speed in the last few KMs of Lake Mountain. Probably not the fastest speed that gets entered but the most terrifying, the bottom section of Lake Mountain is STEEP! Went straight out to buy new brake pads afterwards…

 Doug Michell    

Weekly Challenge - Top Speed (89.6):

 Brad Jones    

Saturday - Lake Mountain. Hit 92kms:

 Adrian Loschiavo    

Below is a link to my top speed - 96.6kmh.

Plenty of teeth gritting & grinding going on for me usually at anything after 70kmh, so this nearly saw me at the orthodontist!

 Beau Dwyer    

Not as fast as some I'm sure, but it is the steepest local hill and very pot hole ridden, as fast as I was game to go, 84.2.

 Yoni Shor    

Hey guys, technically the contest rules didn't say the ride had to be done on a bike, so here's a ride on a plane I took a year ago with a top speed during take off of 331.6km/h

I understand that that may not count so here are my top 3 max speeds according to strava

106.9 km/h

99.0 km/h

87.1 km/h

 Scott Yaxley    

Me best is 87.8kph……….Ummm… stay safe fellas???

 Jo Coombe    

The best I can find is 79.6kph on CRB Hill, Mt Hotham (I thought I'd gone faster than that, but has to be on Strava!)


Jo Coombe


Grant Pearson


Yoni Shor 106.9

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