Finding the motivation to get fit again after a long time off the bike

2015-02-09 00:00:00

Having spent most of the month of August eating and drinking my way through Europe and not touching a bike it was always going to be hard to come back and find my legs. To make matters worse I have had to work night shift all week.

The third kick was missing out on a spot in the Tour of Bright, a race I had my sights set on in preparation for a season in the VRS next year. Motivation to ride and train was seriously lacking!    

So at the start of the week I put on my brand new Cycling Express jersey, decided I’d leave the Garmin at home, forget about Strava and go for a ride just to ride.

It was about 10 at night. Half way through a nice easy roll along the Yarra Boulevard (with my heart close to bursting having lain dormant for a month) I remembered just why I fell in love with cycling in the first place.    

The simple joy of ticking my legs over at what ever speed suited and having only the worry of where to ride next on my mind I realised that I was back! Some hard crit laps out around the airport on Wednesday night made my body disagree with my mind but I have no doubt my body will fall in line when it starts to remember how to ride again!

If it's been awhile between drinks jump on your bike and just ride, don't worry about Strava or KOM's, a destination a hill climb or anything else, just ride.    

 Matty Seehusen, Cycling Express blogger: