Strava Ride Photo Link Winners

2016-03-28 00:00:00

Last weeks STRAVA PHOTO COMP winners are: Brett Moore, Ron White (168k ride at the Orange Challenge) & Matthew Locker (236km's and 9400m elevation Everest ride). Well done guys. There was a heap of great entries and unfortunately I could only pick three from among them.

All three winners score a $50 gift voucher from         Cycling Express       .

For those new to the Cycling Express Strava Club we hold a competition or challenge each week here:      

This was one of our most popular contests so we'll be running the contest again soon.    

 Next challenge    

This coming weeks' challenge - longest ride. Ride the furthest distance, or the second furthest distance, and you'll get a $50 voucher from Cycling Express.    

Smash it out and have a great week. Sam.

 Winners Images    

Brett Moore - 3 Tunnels Ride


 Ron White - 168 kilometer 'Orange Challenge.'    




 Matt Locker - Everesting Flagstone Creek. 377 Suffer score, 237 kilometers & 9,358m elevation gain!