Azzurri cyclist tackles 877 kilometer ride

2016-05-03 00:00:00

Last weeks winner of the Azzurri Strava club weekly challenge was Azzurri Forza rider Luke from Sydney Australia.

Luke rode an incredible 877 kilometres from Melbourne to Sydney in only 37 hours. Have a look at Luke’s ride and photo’s here:      


Luke's ride route.


In second place was KinGi Nishihata from Japan.

Kingi rode 267 kilometres including summiting the high alpine volcanic peak         Mount Nikkō-Shirane       . Here’s the link to Kingi’s ride data, the ride includes 3 impressive alpine climbs:      

Mount Nikkō-Shirane


Next weeks Azzurri Strava club challenge is a photo comp. Send a photo to [email protected], share it with our Facebook page or post it in the discussion section of the Azzurri Strava club. First and second place will both win $50.    

Luke en route from Melbourne to Sydney



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