Cycling Express Strava challenge winners

2016-05-03 00:00:00

Last weeks Strava challenge winners (selected randomly from 10 entries) were Jeff Tilack and Phillip Mercer (scroll to the bottom of the article for next weeks challenge).

Phil rode 264 kilometers from Brisbane to Tweed Heads and back. See the ride link here:      

The route:


The ride details:


Our second winner Jeff Tilack, also from Australia, got out riding with his son in the hill's near Mt Nebo in Brisbane Australia:      

'Adventure ride with my boy. Some serious bush bashing to get to where we needed to be! Full of stings, scratches and bites. Totally worth it!'


 Next week's challenge:    

For two $50 vouchers next weeks challenge is most accumulated distance for the week. To make the challenge more interesting this time we'll pick the winners from ONLY those who work full time.

Submit your week's riding to myself at [email protected]    

To claim your voucher please also contact [email protected]

Stay safe and have a great week!