Cycling Express Strava club commuting challenge

2016-08-20 00:00:00

Two weeks ago I realised I'ld run out of good ideas for our Strava club challenges, so I asked you all for some idea's. I had hoped for 3 or 4 new idea's but the response I got was completely unexpected.

After 15 new idea's I was stoked, that total increased to 20 soon after and I realised that we had enough ideas for several months of challenges!

The past weeks challenge came straight from Aussie Melbournite club member Glenn Asquith. The challenge was simple, post your commuting distance for the week.

From what I saw checking the Australian states weather forecast during the week the weather started of decent in most states and then deteriorated to poring rain and icy winds by the end of the week (at least in Melbourne it did anyway). So some of the distances commuted were quite impressive.

Karen McCulloch from Western Australia beat all the men and took out top honors! Take that fellas!

Andrew Hay from Melbourne Victoria and Tomoyuki Inui from Japan finished second and third. Tomo actually averages over 400 commuting kilometres per week, a pretty serious total.

Contact me at [email protected] for your prizes guys.

Next weeks comp... I'm still undecided at this point (too many choices?), so I'll post it up on the club board on Monday.

 Andy Hay on 'my trusty Azzurri Forza.'